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Getting Ready for a Long Bike Ride

18 August 2018
Getting Ready for a Long Bike Ride

With the mercury steadily rising, cyclists across the country are itching to jump onto their bikes. You’ve taken the time to look your bike over properly (or have it done...

How to Include Fitness in Your Busy Schedule

18 August 2018
How to Include Fitness in Your Busy Schedule

As your career flourishes, you’ll find yourself spending the majority of your day juggling your time between work, meetings, family and friends. But are you finding it difficult to include...

Bokwa 4 training DVD's

Code: SA-12019
Manufacturer: Bokwa
Price: $42
Sport: Badminton, Fitness

BOKWA is an energetic workout fitness training on DVD. This very populair fitness craze uses easy techniques to get the perfect results for burning fet and getting in shape. BOKWA has no choreography and no counting steps but instead you draw letters and numbers with your feet, while moving together to music in free form rhythm. Easy for everybody. If you can move and you can spell, you can do Bokwa, from 4 year old kids, to men and women in their seventies, to guys with “2 left feet”, to world champion dancers, Bokwa engages participants of all ages in the same class and to the same music.


  • 2 fist weights
  • 14 day meal plan in English
  • DVD Quick Start to Success Bokwa
  • DVD Energizing Complete 45-Minute Cardio Class
  • DVD & Tone Core Sculpting
  • DVD 15 Minute Quick FixDe DVDs contain English subtitles.
  • Books are available in English
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SportBadminton, Fitness