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Jump Up Deluxe Pro Trampoline

Code: SA-10945
Manufacturer: Booming fitness
Price: $187
Sport: Fitness

Jump up deluxe pro trampoline with handle.

Performing exercises on the Jump Up trampoline improves your fitness, metabolism and figure. Fat Burning, injury prevention and stabilization of the back, abdomen and pelvis are also important aspects. With the new Jump Up trampoline you have more certainty while jumping due to the strong and handy handle!

During the trampoline workout you will use more than 400 muscles. That way you train your whole body strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. 10 Minutes jump on the Jump Up Trampoline is equal to running 30 minutes and you burn up to 1200 kcal per hour!


  • The best way to get fit
  • The fitness craze of the year
  • Train cardio, strength, flexibility and balance!
  • Trains almost every muscle in your body
  • Burnes up to 1200 kcal per hour
  • Special suspensionsystem
  • 10 Minutes jumping equals 30 minutes running
  • Trampoline diameter: 100cm
  • Number of springs: 30 pieces
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BrandBooming Fitness
Weight (kg)15

Additional Information

The set of exercises and jumping on the trampoline involves a high intensity workout with them, muscles and joints without taxing too much. Jump Up thereby promotes flexibility and agility of the body, improves balance and coordination the feeling.

That's because the brain better coordinated. Trampolining additionally cleanses the lymph nodes and stimulates the immune system. Heart and blood will be thereby provided with more oxygen.

accessible concept

The Jump Up secret lies in the very simple and universally accessible concept. Jumping exercises to music result for body and mind in a sensational feeling and give a huge incentive to keep going. Everyone jumps himself so now slim and fit with Jump Up!