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Getting Ready for a Long Bike Ride

18 August 2018
Getting Ready for a Long Bike Ride

With the mercury steadily rising, cyclists across the country are itching to jump onto their bikes. You’ve taken the time to look your bike over properly (or have it done...

How to Include Fitness in Your Busy Schedule

18 August 2018
How to Include Fitness in Your Busy Schedule

As your career flourishes, you’ll find yourself spending the majority of your day juggling your time between work, meetings, family and friends. But are you finding it difficult to include...

Total Crunch

Code: SA-11009
Manufacturer: Orange care
Price: $198
Sport: Fitness

Total Crunch is an all in one cardio fitness machine that immediately trains all of your muscle groups at once. The more muscles you move, the more energy you consume and the more calories you burn. Total Crunch users achieve their fitness goals faster!


  • Training with Total Crunch let's your body burn calories and fat while also working on muscle building
  • You can increase the resistance simply by positioning your feet differently
  • By changing your hand position, you can easily train specific muscle groups
  • Underhand placement will work your biceps and back muscles
  • Overhand positions to work your chest and shoulders and side positions will work your back
  • Total Crunch is easy to fold with one hand and thus storable anywhere you want
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