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Getting Ready for a Long Bike Ride

18 August 2018
Getting Ready for a Long Bike Ride

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18 August 2018
How to Include Fitness in Your Busy Schedule

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Kempa Response Ball - Kempa Blue

Code: SA-11693
Manufacturer: Kempa
Price: $37
Sport: Handball

Special training ball to improve the reaction and coordination of handball players

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Weight400 g

Additional Information

Kempa Ball Size Chart

  Age group/Youth  Age Ball Size 
  Bambinies  Under 6  00
  (Unofficial size)  6 – 8  0
  Female youth: C, D, E  8 – 14  1
  Male youth: D, E  8 – 12  1
  Female, Female youth: A, B              14 and up  2
  Youth: C, B  12 – 16  2
  Youth - Men  16 and up  3
  Men  18 and up          3