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Nihon Judogi Gi Limited Edition Blue

Code: SA-11926
Manufacturer: Nihon
Price: $161
Sport: Martial Arts
The best Gi of Nihon! Suitable for teachers and (race) judokas who are only satisfied with the best of the best. This version of the Gi goes with an exclusive "Ton sur Ton" embroidery on the shoulders. The blue embroidery gives an exclusive look!


  • Made from 100% extra thick cotton
  • Virtually shrink
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Made from the finest materials
  • Seam on the back
  • Reinforced lapel
  • Color: Blue
  • Also suitable for jujitsu and aikido
  • Size: Body height in cm is the right size
  • Exclusive handmade judogi
  • Available in sizes 130-205
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SportMartial Arts

Additional Information

Determine simply the right size of your judo suit. The kids and training judo suits are available in the following sizes: 80-90 - 100 - 110 cm, etc.

Determine your body height and take the size upwards for the right one. If you are 136 cm tall, you need size 140. However if you want to put the suit in the dryer, choose one size larger. Normally a judo suit size 150 shrinks in the dryer to size 145.

Semi-match and match suits are also available in half sizes (eg 155, 165). If you are 190 cm or larger choose the size that fits your height. It"s simple!